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Satisfaction Guarantee

Your business is important to us at signcart.in. We guarantee that every effort will be made to ensure your 100% satisfaction with our products, price, and service. Please contact signcart.in via phone or email with any questions or concerns. We’re always happy to help.



  • Claims for shortages must be made within 10 days from the date of received. Claims made after 10 days will not be considered.


Custom Orders

  • signcart.in reserves the right to change the specifications of its custom products without notice.

Printing of www.signcart.in Logo and Part Number on Signs

  • All signcart.in products have the signcart.in Website and part number printed in small print on the front side of the product. This is for both reordering purposes for the end-user and as a recall mechanism to manage the return of product if necessary.
  • Custom products can be printed without the signcart.in Website and part number if requested at the time of ordering.


  • Once an order is placed it goes immediately into production. Therefore, we are unable to accommodate order changes or cancellations; erroneously ordered items must be returned after delivery.


Product Returns

  • Custom products cannot be returned unless they were defective at the time of sale.
  • Return of stock product is subjected to a 25% restocking charge.
  • Packages returned without authorization have to be refused. No exceptions.
  • Credit or refund is only available for stock products or defective custom products.
  • Refund or credit will only be issued after return and inspection (approx. 1 week).
  • All returned products are expected upon receipt to confirm the credit or refund amount.
  • Products must be returned within 10 days of sale. No returns after 10 days.
  • Products must be in a NEW re-saleable condition to receive a credit or refund.
  • Return Address:
    Navya Enterprise
    1342, Moti Vasan Sheri,
    near Upkar Flat,
    Gujarat – 380018

Product Warranty

  • signcart.in sells its products with the intent that they are free of defects in manufacturing and workmanship at the time of sale. signcart.in warranty that each of its products will be free of defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service. However, the obligation of signcart.in under this warranty shall be limited to the requirement that it makes good at signcart.in place of business any part or parts which are returned to signcart.in within 15 days from the date of delivery to the purchaser. Such return of the product to signcart.in must be made with transportation charges prepaid. signcart.in will then examine the product to determine if the product is in fact defective. The aforesaid warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied along with all other obligations or liabilities on the part of signcart.in. signcart.in does not authorize anyone to obligate signcart.in in any way beyond the terms set forth above. signcart.in does not warrant any product which it has been the subject of misuse, negligence, accident, repair or alteration which, in the judgment of signcart.in, affects the product’s stability or reliability.
  • The warranties provided by signcart.in as referred to above shall be the sole and exclusive warranties. There shall be no other warranties expressed or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness or any other obligation on the part of signcart.in with respect to products covered by this agreement. In no event shall the warranties of signcart.in require more from signcart.in than the repair or replacement of any part or parts which are found to be defective within the effective period of the warranty. Signcart.in shall have no liability for any incidental or consequential damages.
  • Any and all warranties or guarantees shall immediately cease and terminate as to any products or parts thereof which are altered, or modified, without the prior express and written consent of signcart.in.
  • Many of the signcart.in products found on this website has been designed to comply with one or more industry standards.
  • When signcart.in states that a product complies with a particular standard, we are conveying our general interpretation of that standard relevant to the size of text, use of graphics, the location and size of message panels, etc.
  • Since we have no knowledge of your specific facility or hazard, it’s impossible for signcart.in to guarantee that your use of our products will comply with any law or standard. This site is not intended as a substitute for expert analysis or professional consultation. The information is accurate to the best of our knowledge based on our review of the industry. Signcart.in makes no guarantee.

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